November 4, 2009

Noise Mapping

Posted in noise mapping at 10:20 am by airportwatchrochford

90db noise contour video that says nothing about freight or what aircraft will be used for freight as the 319 or boa737 do not do a freight equivalent


I have been researching noise contours and to my astonishment found out of 35 airports southend has the highest noise contour of all the airports, the majority including southend  having   noise contours not exceeding 55db however the latest maps commissioned for the airport by an independent company clearly states that the noise contour for the new departure over Rochford is into the 90db range for a more detailed look at the noise contour maps they can be found by using the link belowAirport noise Departures

We are told and shown from the map above that the noise from the aircraft using full power from it two engines will create a sound of 90db “what do you think”??  would you say that a plane taking off  above your heads will create no more noise than a powertool/lawnmower

here is a sound graph          Click image to enlarge